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Heya. I’m Becca Mills. If you need to get in touch with me, you can use the form below or email me directly at I do my best to answer every message I’m sent, but I’ll admit with shame to falling down on the job from time to time. If that happens, I’m lame. Sorry.

With apologies, I don’t review books any more. If you want to see what I’ve been reading lately, pop over to KBoards and check out the reading bar in my signature!

12 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Okay, I reapize now that this is not the author’s site. The book I am referring to in my last comment is Nolander (Emanations).

  2. Enjoyed your book Becca!!! But my heavens!! I was shocked when I realized I was at the end!! I hope you are working on “part two”!!! And would you mind hurrying!! ;)

  3. I’m so sad that I’ve come to the end of Nolander but I enjoyed it so much.
    I loved what Beth loved and hated what she hated. I’m not sure I have ever enjoyed a book so much since ‘The voyage of the Dawn Trader’ by C.S. Lewis. You are a wonderful writer, a beautiful artist. God speed on your new book, I will be waiting as patiently as I can.

  4. This series has left me speechless each and every time time I read it! Between Beth and all her hidden talents and Williams in all his brooding glory I just do not know what to do with myself! I love how you give us the barest hints about Beth’s capacity through the way people react to her. One can almost see her extensive power with a mere glimpse into her eyes, yet she not know what she looks like to the outside world. Terrifying to her, but absolutely fantastic to us readers. For Williams, I love how he truly does care about Beth through his spectacular attention to the smallest details. There were several “Aww Williams, you really aren’t heartless!” moments in Solatium that made my heart melt.I know people may disagree, but I hope (beg/pray) they will be together!! Maybe its wishful thinking, but a girl can dream!

  5. Hey Becca, just finished Solatium and loved it! You are truly gifted! Hoping Isolate’s arrival is soon. Looking so forward to more. (hope Ghost Eater, Williams and Beth stay close! Love it!

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