Save 50% on Diane Duane’s ebooks and help save Diane Duane’s home

One of my favorite authors …

I’ve written a number of times about the occasional ebook sales Diane Duane runs on her self-owned ebook store, but this one has a special urgency. A series of medical expenses and lower-than-expected royalty payments have put Duane and her husband, Peter Morwood, in danger of losing the home where they’ve lived for the last twenty years.

To raise some money, Duane has slashed prices by 50% on Ebooks Direct, the ebook store she runs for the books to which she and her husband have the ebook rights. All titles are DRM-free and multiformat, and include the guarantee that if you ever lose the ebook files, they’ll replace them free.

There are some great books there—the Young Wizards New Millennium Editions, Feline Wizardry trilogy, and associated Young Wizards novellas, the Tale of the Five, and many more. If you haven’t read them yet, this would be a great…

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3 thoughts on “Save 50% on Diane Duane’s ebooks and help save Diane Duane’s home

  1. I’ve just bought a couple of books, looking forward to reading them. I hope things are better for the Author soon.

  2. It seems like there have been many problems with amazon and kindle when it comes to lesser known authors. (At least that has been what I’ve gathered after skimming your blog articles every few months over the past several years, trying to keep an eye out for the next book in your Nolander series) Have these issues with Amazon hurt the publishing of the next book in your series? Should we as readers be contacting Amazon in your behalf? Is there another publisher or platform that you are currently using? have recommend the purchase of your books to the digital branch of my local library.

    • Thanks so much, Heather! :) So far, nothing Amazon has done has hindered me personally, other than their reaction to the copyright fraud I experienced some years ago, and they set that right pretty quickly. I do know quite a few authors who have had difficulties due to their participation in the Kindle Unlimited program … which is one of the reasons I’ve stayed out of that program so far. But nope, no effects on me. My slow production is entirely my own responsibility ! :-/

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