Review Policy

First of all, I do review books, but rarely outside the speculative genres (science-fiction, fantasy, horror, paranormal romance, superheroes, alternative history, fairy tales, time-travel, etc.) and literary fiction with magic-realist elements.

I used to accept normal book-review requests. I don’t any longer because the demand is overwhelming. Given the requirements of parenting, working a day job, and doing my own writing, I only have time to review a few books a year. Yet I was receiving upwards of twenty requests a day. Wading through all those blurbs and bios ate up what time I had to actually read and review — and then some!

While I don’t accept actual review requests, I do like getting “ticklers” about new stuff as it comes out (or older stuff I might not have encountered). So, if you’d like to call a spec-fic book to my attention, “tickle” me: use the form below to send me the URL to the book’s Amazon page. Please keep in mind that this isn’t a formal book-review request. You won’t hear back from me. It’s just a way of calling something to my attention. If the book grabs me, I’ll buy it and read it; if I love it, I’ll review it. (I don’t review books I don’t love.)

Tickle Me


    1. I call them word-balls. Unfortunately the meta data for my printed books suffers from the same malady. I talked to my printer, LightningSource, and they say give us the custom HTML if you want formatted meta data. I do, but book resellers accessing the Ingram catalog still publish word-balls describing the book. My only defense, one paragraph meta data :-(

  1. Wow. My synopsis was crammed together, without formatting. It will be tough to read! I’m sure you dread reading stories the size of mine (two books – 180,000 words). And yet it’s THE big story of our era . . . I hope you’re willing to review it.

  2. Hi Becca, just wanted to add my message of thanks for your support of indie artists, and we’ll be certain to keep checking back. We hope to submit our latest title “The Griffin Cryer” as soon as you’re accepting reviews again.


    1. Yeah, indie reviewers do get “swamped” quickly, alas. The most organized and disciplined seem able to keep up with it. That’s … um … so not me! :/

      1. Really? I’ve scoured the internet for months and haven’t found a reviewer yet who wasn’t swamped. Whether you ever get a chance to review or not, i hope you enjoy Gifts.

  3. Hello Becca,
    I sent you a “tickle” to my book. I will note that it is the first in a trilogy… that will be part of a full 15 book series. Thank you for your consideration and time, and for being willing to give indie writers a chance. And I understand if you are not able to read and/or review my book. It’s just nice to be given a platform to try to share my book!

    1. Hi, Rhiannon. Thanks for the notice. If I decide to review your book, a review will just show up on my blog and on the retail sites. My reviews are few and far between, these days, and I don’t agree to them ahead of time, as I’ve found I have trouble keeping those commitments. For instance, right now I’m struggling to get my second book wrapped up, so I haven’t review anyone else’s in months. Good luck with your book!

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