Reading in Bed

They say it’s not good “sleep hygiene” to read in bed. Your bed should be just for sleeping and, you know — baum-chicka-baum-baum! That way you associate your bed with sleeping (and/or sex) and sleep (or make whoopie) better.

(I added the stuff about making better whoopie, but by the law of associations, it makes sense, right?)

Problem is, I love reading in bed! I can’t give it up. No way.

4 thoughts on “Reading in Bed

  1. My wife and I are both librocubicularists as well. It’s a rare night when either of us just turns off the light and goes to sleep without reading a chapter or two first. Unfortunately, I sometimes get one of those books that is truly a page-turner and I end up being awake until midnight. The alarm at 4:30 comes way too soon after that.

    • “Librocubibularist” is my new word of the week, Daniel — thanks! :)

      Wow, 4:30. You get up that early to have some writing time, don’t you? I gotta say, that’s how you spell “dedication.”

      • Yep. I set aside an hour or two in the early morning for writing. Right after morning coffee is my best brain time. No sense giving that to my job! ;-)

        • Heh. Color me impressed. Right after morning coffee is my “that really wasn’t enough morning coffee” brain time. ;)

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