Authors Report Amazon Is Aware of KU Reporting Problem

Several authors are reporting having called Amazon and been told the company knows Kindle Unlimited pages-read are not reporting properly. One heard about “an ongoing problem on the pages appearing in the reports,” and another was told that

Amazon is aware of the problem and has received a lot of Emails and calls this week about it. He actually said it has been “elevated far above my position, to our highest team.” …  He assured me my complaint would be escalated to that team and I should be called or Emailed by them without a form response.

Still another reports having been assured via email that Amazon’s “technical team is looking into it.”

This information may not to have trickled down to the frontline KDP reps, who seem still to be sending out “everything’s fine” form letters in response to email queries. If you’re concerned about your pages-read figures, you may have to press for your query to be elevated or just call Amazon directly (866-216-1072) and ask to speak to KDP technical support.

I’m glad to hear Amazon is working on this problem. Kudos to those authors who noticed it and were insistent enough to get KDP’s attention.

3 thoughts on “Authors Report Amazon Is Aware of KU Reporting Problem

  1. Thank you for writing about this issue. I am not a writer, although I am envious of all of you. I am a Kindle Unlimited subscriber. I did not know authors were paid by the page. I borrow books and then a favorite author will have book released and the KU book sits in my library unread. This is changing now. I always finish any book I start, even if I do not like it, because someone spent time and put a part of themselves into that book. I will make KU books a priority so indie authors are paid more quickly. Thank you.

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