My name is Becca Mills, and I believe in speculation. Not the financial kind. I’m talking about the “contemplation or consideration of some subject.” About the “conjectural consideration of a matter” (from here). We’re used to thinking that conjecture is a bad thing. “Oh,” someone says, “that’s all conjecture.” It’s a way of saying you’re drawing conclusions based on not enough info. It’s a way of saying you don’t know what you’re talking about.

But I don’t want to talk about what I know. I do that enough in real life. I want to talk about what I don’t know. I want to admit I’m always talking about what I don’t know because our information is always incomplete. We err in thinking otherwise. We err in finding supposing bright, clean line between knowledge and conjecture.

So let’s embrace the teeming void of I don’t know. Let’s believe in thinking deeply. And in asking “what if?” And in making new worlds. And in reimagining this one.

Come on. Let’s speculate.

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  1. Connecting authors and readers is one of the main reasons I developed MYO. Amazon is too impersonal. I see sales numbers – I sell around 30 books a month – but to whom? Do they know about my other books? etc.

    MYO makes those connections a lot easier :)

    Sorry to be going on about MYO on your blog. I’ll stop now :)

      • waiting for it is hard – i’ve just reread both books – you are really a great author. I read a LOT and almost no authors other than sherri tepper & octavia butler write books that i care to read more than once. SO glad i’ve discovered you – keep up the good work.

      • It is now June, 2021. I’m still waiting for Isolate. Please find a way to let us know when the new book will be out, as I enjoyed the first two as well as the short story. I don’t know what might have happened to William’s and Bet, and the stories really carried me away!

  2. Couldn’t agree more. Sheri Tepper is a fave, as well as Robbin Hobb, and you most certainly measure up. Can’t wait for the third book. So much drivel out there, and your stories are incredible.

  3. Loved your short story in “All these shiny worlds”. Glad to see that it’s part of a collection. Just downloaded ‘Nolander’ and can’t wait to read it.

  4. Hi!

    I’m loving the Emanation books! Read them on every break at work. However, I was wondering when isolate will be out?

    Thanks for awesome stories!

  5. Becca, I’ve recently read the three books your Eminations series and am looking forward to Isolate. Like many avid readers, when I latch onto a series I hunger for more. You’ve enthralled and entertained me but now you leave me wanting. As you are more than aware, this is the goal of all authors – keep your audience wanting more. When can I place a note in my calendar to alert me to order Isolate on my KINDLE???

  6. When is your next book coming out ? Have just finished with Solatium and thought that was the end of the series but then realised it was not the case.

  7. I love your Emanation books! As far as I see there are no news about 3rd book. Could you please say if it will be out and maybe approximate time?? Thank you!

  8. Stumbled into Emanations series but can’t find Isolate, nor can I find any current posts from Becca Mills. Does anyone know if she’s ever finished the series?

  9. I stumbled across Theriac and was immediately hooked, so then purchased (and couldn’t put down) Nolander and Solatium. I’ve always been a voracious reader but have rarely been as captivated as I am with your stories, imagination and writing! As a few others have mentioned, I’m left wanting more. And more, and more! I actually think this would be a terrific movie and wish I knew anyone who could put a bug in someone’s ear. Please tell me that you are working on Isolate!

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