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Of all the beings that have lived on Earth, what if just a few had the power to make new realities, according to their desires? What would they create? The Second Emanation. A shadow world where ancient creatures persist, where humanity’s dominance is far less certain, where wonder competes with horror. A world like an autumn forest, its realities as multiple and layered as fallen leaves. The world that gives us our gods.

In Becca Mills’s Emanations series, this strange and magical world crosses paths with a seemingly ordinary young woman from the American Midwest. It’ll never be the same again.

Nolander coverBook 1: Nolander (2012)

Beth Ryder knows she’s different. In a tiny rural town, being an orphaned and perpetually single amateur photographer crippled by panic disorder is pretty much guaranteed to make you stick out like a sore thumb.

But Beth doesn’t understand just how different she really is.

One day, strange things start cropping up in her photos. Things that don’t look human. Impossible things. Monstrosities. Beth thinks her hateful sister-in-law, Justine, has tampered with her pictures to play a cruel joke, but rather than admitting or denying it, Justine up and vanishes, leaving the family in disarray.

Beth’s search for Justine plunges her into a world she never knew existed, one filled with ancient and terrifying creatures. Both enemies and allies await her there—a disturbingly sexy boss, a sentient wolf with diamond fur, body-snatching dinosaur-birds. Separating the allies from the enemies is no easy chore, but in this strange new world, allies are a necessity. A plot is afoot, and Beth—whose abilities no one seems able to explain—may well hold the key to solving it.

Available as an ebook from:, Google Play, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, Xinxii, Oyster, Scribd, Smashwords, DriveThruFiction,,,,, and all the other Amazons. Paperback available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble (or contact Becca to purchase a signed copy).

solatium1600x2400Book 2: Solatium (2014)

Beth Ryder’s dangerously sexy and seemingly all-powerful boss has disappeared, leaving an increasingly desperate group of Nolanders — and one inept Second — in charge of policing other-worldly activity across much of North America. What better time for a legendary monster to emerge from the Second Emanation and make New York City its hunting ground? But little does Beth know that dealing with the voracious Thirsting Ground will pale in comparison to a shocking betrayal that threatens to destroy her new life among the Nolanders.

Available as an ebook from:, Google Play, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, Xinxii, Scribd, Smashwords, DriveThruFiction,,,,, and all the other Amazons.

theriac333x500“Theriac,” a short story (2014)

Back in Dorf, Wisconsin, Beth Ryder’s good-hearted but emotionally fragile friend, Callie McCallister, struggles with her demons during the first Christmas season following Beth’s departure.

“Theriac” is a free short story. It’s set between Solatium and the next novel in the series (tentatively titled Isolate). Available as an ebook from:, Google Play, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, Scribd, Smashwords,,, and It’s also available on the other Amazons, but some of them have not yet made it free.

The third novel in the Emanations series is tentatively titled Isolate. Yeah, I know it’s super, super, super late … but I am still working on it, promise! Barring some unforeseen disaster of the sort that can befall anyone, I’ll get it done eventually.

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    • I have just finish Nolanders and Solatium now I want to know more it feels unfinished please tell me you are writing a third book to bring this story to an wonderful end where Beth gains her power and becomes the highest power of all. Giving back the Nolanders hope for a free future.

      • Hi, Becca,
        I just read Nolander and Solatuim this weekend and feel I must put in my two-cents of praise. I’m a reader because I adore bring brought to strange, new, never-before-existing worlds. You do this for me smoothly, sometimes pulse-poundingly, other times with that soft emotional touch that reminds me that both I and the protagonist ARE human…sort of.
        I sdo so hope you’re planning on book 3, Isolate, as my literary heart is incomplete without it.
        Thank you for sharing for vision with us! Please continue to.
        A new fan, if I may us suck a bland word to describe the eagerness with which I shall follow the book lists.
        -Susan P

    • I’ve looked for isolate and can’t find it anywhere…..where is it ..have you even written it…would like answers please
      I read in iBooks

  1. I just finished your book, Nolander, and I wanted to let you know it was one of the best books I’ve read! I bought it not knowing anything about it, and wanted something new to read. It held me attention, and made me spend many nights staying up waaaay too late because I couldn’t put it down!
    (also über excited that you mentioned northern VA at the end because that’s where I live….uh oh :p ) I can’t wait for the next book in the series to see how Beth progresses in her new world!

    • Thank you so much! That’s high praise, and I’m really flattered. I’m working on the second book now and will happily continue doing so, imagining you as one of its future readers. Happy thought. :)

  2. I just finished Nolander and WOW! I really enjoyed it. I can NOT wait for the next in the series! I signed up to be e-mailed when it comes out – very good idea, by the way. Thank you so much for making this story real.

  3. I really enjoyed reading Nolander and look forward to the next book. I also enjoy reading your thoughts on self publishing. I just finished the first draft of my very first novel and have been tossing back and forth between self publishing vs traditional as I work on my rewrites.

    • Thank you so much for the compliment, Robin! I’m very glad to hear you liked my book. :)

      And congrats on your work in progress! Isn’t it a great feeling to get that first draft done?

      Yeah, indie vs. traditional is a tough decision for many people. One thing you may find reassuring: it seems that quite a few successful writers are ending up straddling the fence, putting some books/series out independently and pursuing traditional deals for others. It doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing thing.

  4. I just finished reading Nolander and thoroughly enjoyed it. Started reading at 1 am and read all night! I’m very impressed with the wonderful world you’ve created and look forward to immersing myself in it again. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow. I just read your book in one day, didn’t do any of the work I meant to do, then hopped over to Amazon and left a five-star review. It’s amazing.
    And now, I’m almost wishing I’d discovered it later, because I’m so excited for the next book.

    • Thank you so much, Jen! And thank you, especially, for your very kind review, which I just saw. In all honesty, I blushed to read it. I’ll keep working hard on Book 2, knowing I have one more terrific, wonderful, amazing reader out there. :)

  6. Becca, I just finished your book. I DID get it for free on Kindle but had NOT gotten around to reading it yet when it was automatically updated to fix grammer (it said), I was so impressed, I immediately began reading it and have really enjoyed it. I look forward to the next book in the series.
    Regarding this site, its VERY difficult to find. unless I entered the exact web address it would NOT come up on the search, at least not anywhere close to the beginning. Also all combinations of your name and book did not reveal this site.

    In addition, the comments above are nice, but there is no date on them which I HOPE is an oversight.

    I hope you continue to have a great writing career. -teresa

    • Hi, Teresa! Thanks so much for writing to let me know you enjoyed Nolander! I really appreciate it! :)

      As for the dates on the comments, I’ve been through the WordPress options, and I don’t see a way to make them display. That seems like a silly oversight: it’d certainly be nice to know when people commented. I’ll drop WordPress a line and see if it’s something they might be willing to change in the future (or if I’m just missing some setting I should be seeing).

      Hopefully this site will become easier to find as the months go by. I suppose not many other sites are linking to The Active Voice, as of yet, so it’s not appearing high on the Google returns.

  7. I read a lot of the free books on Amazon, but Nolander is in a class by itself. I hope I’m the first person to say this book deserves to be a movie, and I think that will be a reality one day. It’s that good.

    • Thank you so much, Roy. I’m deeply flattered, and so very glad to stopped by to let me know! :) I’d love to see Nolander become a movie — what fun. Maybe someday!

  8. I really enjoyed your book, Nolander! Thank you for sharing your writing with us! Any idea on when a second book in the series may be available on Kindle? I can’t wait to delve back into the world you created!

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed Nolander, Kim! And thank you for writing to tell me! I’m finishing up the draft of the second book in the series right now. After that, it will need some editing and formatting. I’m hoping to bring it out in October.

  9. just finished Nolander, after getting it for free on amazon. when will the second book be available? i want to pay full price for it!

    • That’s so kind of you, gal — thank you! :) Believe it or not, I’m hoping to have the second book, which is called Solatium, out by the end of this month. The design for the ebook cover has just been completed. Maybe I’ll post it on the blog!

      • actually, i think you are the kind one, giving us the opportunity to read such an enjoyable book. im hoping solatium will be as good as, if not better than nolander (that won’t be easy). taking the time to read and answer your readers thoughts is also nice of you :)

        i picked up nolander looking for something lighter after finishing the fountainhead, which has been quite a ponderous read. nolander was obviously an easier book to get into, but i must say i was surprised by the depth of beth’s character and the way she changes over the course of the book, while remaining the same girl with the same fears and anxieties she was at the beginning of the book. i liked how she changed the way she deals with these things and found her thinking and mental processes very believable.

        looking forward to continue reading about her development

        • Thank you so much, gal! These are very high compliments. I’m so glad you liked the character development in particular. That’s especially important to me. :)

  10. Great read, I too read straight through in one day! Looking forward to reading more as soon as it’s released. I read all the commentary above and am confused about the release date of the next book. I read something about October? Gosh Becca, don’t make us wait that long! :)

    • Thank you so much, Haylee! I’m so glad you enjoyed Nolander. I hate to say it, but the “October” mentioned above is October of last year. I just grossly underestimated how much time it would take me to write, revise, and edit the second book. Color me embarrassed! :( Late February is my new target release date for the next in the series. Thank you for dropping by to provide such great motivation! :)

  11. I picked your book up a few weeks ago for the kindle and couldn’t put it down once I started it. I thoroughly enjoyed it but did cringe through every “f**k” and “G**D***”. It would’ve been much more pleasant to read without having to mentally screen out those words. I plan to continue reading your future works and hope you consider eliminating some of the offensive language.

    • I’m so glad to hear you found the book absorbing, Ann! Thank you for writing to tell me. :)

      The swearing thing is tricky, I’ll admit. Some readers enjoy the grittiness of it; others find it deeply offensive. The route I’ve chosen is to have a diverse cast of characters. Some of them, such as Callie, would never swear and are quite bothered by it (especially by blasphemy, in Callie’s case). Others aren’t big swearers but also aren’t particularly bothered by it (Beth). Others revel in it and can’t open their mouths without saying something “gritty” (Kara).

      This kind of diversity is something I’d actually like to examine actively in the series: how do people with diverse moral outlooks, diverse religious outlooks, work together? What are the points of friction? Where do very different people with different values find points of compromise? Callie is particularly interesting to me, in this vein. There’s so much contemporary fantasy set in the U.S., and the U.S. is a very religious nation, yet religious characters don’t crop up in contemporary fantasy all that often. How come? It seems to me like a missed opportunity for exploration.

      Hmm, I’ve started to ramble, so I’d better sign off. But thanks for sharing your thoughts on this issue. I truly appreciate it.

  12. Thanks for your candor. I actually had some of the same thoughts after writing you yesterday. I’ll just keep my personal censor on while reading since I’m a bit more like Callie but I loved everything else about your book.

  13. You have created a world in which I can believe, see and feel inside and outside my mind. I am currently awaiting the release of the second book in the series. The wait is becoming unbearable, you’ve left me wanting more. I want to dive deeper into this world you have created! Thank you.

    I will buy my special lady a copy of the book soon.

    • Thank you so much, Thomas! That’s very high praise! Building a believable world is one of the highest priority for me. :) At this point, Book 2 is scheduled to come out in the third week of March. Fingers crossed!

  14. Nolander was wonderfully refreshing. I am looking very forward to the next book. I love finding new authors who use their own voice instead of mimicking others. You have gained a new fan.

    • Thank you so much, Emily! I’m delighted to hear you liked it. :)

      Dunno, WordPress doesn’t seem to be bothered by lots of page comments. So far, no website “tantrums”!

  15. Loved the book – waiting for the second book – soon, I hope. Good job. I’m a writer and I was impressed, for sure.

  16. I just finished reading your book on my kindle. I was so deep into the story that I didn’t realize I was at the end. It’s definitely one of those books that you wish would never end. It touched on all the emotions and I’m so thrilled for the next book to come out.

    • Thank you, Nikki! That’s high praise. It makes me really happy to hear that the book was so emotionally engaging for you. Thanks for dropping by to tell me! :)

    • Thank you! That’s very good to hear. :) I’m hoping to get Book 2 out in mid-July. I’ve had the draft completed for ages, but revising it has been troublesome — haven’t been able to get the last section quite right. I do think it will be done soon, though.

  17. I’ve read Nolander several times on my kindle and have loved its amazing world it brings to life each time. I recently went out and bought a hard copy of it because its totally worth adding to my bookshelf. I’m eagerly awaiting the release of the next book. I just wanted to let you know that I am one of the many fans of your writing. And what you do, truly has made an impact on me. Keep up the great work.

    • Thank you so much, Garrett! Multiple readings … surely the highest praise a book can get! I’m just delighted to hear you enjoyed Nolander so much. Thank you for dropping by to tell me so. :)

  18. Loved Nolander!!! That cant be the last page! I know it’s been a great read when I feel that disappointment on the last page. After a frantic search on amazon & google for book2, I see that Ill have to wait till it’s released. i thoroughly enjoyed Nolander & I’m excited to follow Beth on her journey! Thank you for sharing your talents with us, I’m definitely a fan!

    • Thank you so much, Christine! It’s so nice of you to stop by to tell me you enjoyed Nolander. (And sorry your comment got lost in the shuffle!) :)

  19. Just wanted to say how much I loved Nolander! It was great the first time I read it and even better the second time around. I can’t wait for the next book to come out and am looking forward to reading it as soon as it does.

  20. I just bought Nolander for my kindle last well and finished it within a day… It’s one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. The story was not only extremely original, but it was captivating, well written and fast paced. The characters were amazingly fleshed out and real to me and I find myself cheering several of them on throughout the course of the book.

    I can’t wait for Solatium to come out. Thanks for giving me something to look forward to, Becca :)

      • Thank you so much, Wyn! It’s wonderful to hear such encouraging feedback. I’m so glad you liked Nolander. :)

        P.S. Auto-correct is more like auto-incorrect, isn’t it?

        • I swear, I love my slide keyboard for the most part, but there are some times when it definitely *is* like auto-incorrect.

          Any update on when the second book is slated to be out? I’m itching to read it :)

          • I’m glad you’re looking forward to Book 2, Wyn! I’ve struggled mightily with revising the manuscript, but about a month ago I finally figured out what was hanging the story up. Since then, the revisions have gone smoothly. I’ll have to wrap those up, and then it will need editing. I’m aiming to have it out before Christmas.

            • I’m glad I read this reply; I was going just a little crazy trying to content myself with waiting a lot longer for your next book lol

            • Dear Mz Mills
              I just read Nolander and Solatium for the second time (the first time a year or two ago) and am now going to read Theriac again next. At the end of Solatium it said Isolate would be out in 2016 so while searching for Isolate, I came across your writing about the incident where Amazon and Smashwords took your books down. Is that why I can’t find it anywhere? I am a voracious reader. I’m a big fan of Anne McCaffrey, Issac Asimov, Harry Harrison, Robert Heinlein and many others. You are in the same category, so please don’t ever think you aren’t. Maybe that’s why others may want to get their hands on your work. I was also surprised that you wrote Solatium in a little over three months? Wow. Maybe you haven’t written Isolate yet? I would really very much like to buy it at whatever price you put on it. Please let me know what’s up if you have a minute. I joined the mailing list for alerts after both readings but I haven’t heard anything. Thanks for taking the time to read this and hoping this finds you and your family well.


  21. I have just read and enjoyed “Nolander”. I found it creative, imaginative and different. All qualities found in the very best Fantasy and SciFi. Very nicely done, it definitely didn’t read like a first book. Thanks for taking the time and effort to create this story.

    • Thank you so much, Scott! I’m delighted to hear you thought well of the book. Thanks for taking the time to come and tell me. Authors live for this sort of message. :)

  22. AH! I just finished Emanations and I am dying for more! Where/when can I get Solatium?? Seriously, I almost never finish series. I can’t believe all the incredible imagery and characters; I was riveted from the beginning and didn’t stop reading till I was done–and I have a 6 month old, so that’s saying something.

    • Thanks so much, Malorie! I’m extremely flattered that you found Nolander so hard to put down. My own kids (age 3) are just emerging from the need-parent-every-moment phase, so I know how hard it is to escape to take a shower, much less read a book! :) Thanks for dropping by to tell me so.

      I’m still thinking “before Christmas” is a reasonable target for getting Solatium out. I’m sorry it’s taken me so, so, so much longer to write than I thought it would. Good heavens!

  23. I just left you an Amazon review. Nolander was an incredible read and I hope more is coming soon! You’re an amazing author!

  24. So enjoyed Nolander and am very anxiously awaiting Solatium. The mouse!!! Have to find out the rest of the story. Thank you

  25. I found Nolander to be both wonderfully well written and refreshing in premise. I look forward to reading the second book in your Emanations series, thankyou for a great story :)

    • Thank you, Maretta! I’m delighted that you liked Nolander, and I’m even more delighted that you took the time to stop by and tell me so. I really appreciate it! :)

  26. Hi Becca ! I greatly enjoyed Nolander and I am wondering if the sequel is still planned for March or april ? (Love your originality)thanks

    • Thank you so much, Andy! I am indeed hoping to wrap up my work on Solatium during my spring break (I’m a teacher), which is a couple weeks from now. If so, I’ll need to edit and proofread and would be able to have it out in April. I sure hope that schedule works. It helps so much to know people are waiting for it. :)

  27. I have never really liked to read until i sat down with Becca Mills book Nolander it keeps u wanting to read more cant wait until Solatium comes out

    • Thank you, Ruth! My semester’s just wrapping up, so I’m about to hit it again full time. Hopefully, this will be the last push!

      • I’m so glad to the tree-‘pus had an emotional impact, Molly. It’s a goal of mine to make animal characters that aren’t anthropomorphized, that remain sort of mysterious and “other,” and yet feel real and (in some cases) lovable.

  28. Nolander was thoroughly engaging from beginning to end. The world was fascinating and incredibly imaginative and the story had me guessing the whole time. I am seriously eager to read the next book in the series. .. And then the next after that!

    • Thank you, Jenny! That’s wonderful to hear. There’s no better news an author can get than that readers want to keep on reading! :)

  29. Just finished nolander I loved it ! Was brilliant please tell me the next book is coming soon I’m having withdrawl simptoms already !!

    • Thanks, Margaret! I’m hoping to have the second book out this month. It’s just about ready for editing. After that, it’s a matter of what sorts of revisions I need to make. Hopefully not tooooo many. It could take into July, though. :)

  30. Loved nolander ! It was amazing I couldn’t put it down , cannot wait for book 2 any relece date yet ?

  31. Erotic, sensual, stimulating, spellbinding, amazingly entertaining and this is just a few of the emotions that happen as you begin to read Nolander. Would love to meet the author and listen as her thought processes unwind to create the next illusion of fictional reality. But better yet to have the opportunity to hear in your words what influenced you to become so creative.

    • Thank you, Steve! I’m delighted to hear you found my book creative. I actually struggle with creativity. I’m not one of of those authors who has ideas spilling out of her head and can’t write books fast enough to get them all down. I’m green with envy at such people, actually. For me, ideas only come out as I write. I’ll draft a scene and think, “No, that’s boring,” or, “Nope, I’m ripping off ________.” So I’ll do some research (I love science) and then rewrite it, trying to come up with something better. Eventually, some good ideas might appear, but they’re hard won. It’s definitely a struggle.

  32. Loved book 1, can’t wait for book 2 of Emanations to be released. I wish I can read it right now. Thanks for Publishing such a wonderful and imaginative story!

  33. My two favorite quotes from Nolander:
    “Kara sounded as keen as a hound on a three-legged squirrel.”
    “Humans kill everything. They are nature’s own weapon of mass destruction.”
    I am by my own self-inflicted delusions a little bit enamored with myself and by default a bit of a humanist.
    With that confession, I divulge that I have a hound; I get it – ha, ha! In addition, per my delusions of self-grandeur, I understand how my wants may result in various types of destruction in quantity. My point, I feel well said!

  34. I finished your book end of june although your forget some others, Nolander has stuck with me, I just cant wait for the second book to come out, the way you wrote the first, the development of the characters, the storyline and the plot, ypu actually made me plunge in deep, thanks for the experience and please! Let us know when the next one is due.

    • Thanks so much, Sofia! I’m so glad you enjoyed Nolander! :) I’m hoping to have the next book, Solatium, out very soon. Like, in the next week or two. Fingers crossed!

  35. Hey LOVED Nolander! Can’t wait for the next one? Any idea when it will be out? I stayed up almost all night reading the first one!

    • Thanks so much, Gina! Such wonderful praise … I really appreciate it! :) The new one should be out pretty darned soon. I was hoping for August but didn’t quite make it; now I’m hoping for this month. Fingers crossed!

  36. So, I may have come into the Nolander series a day late, but I just finished the first book – happy to see that the second book may (or may not be) almost ready for public consumption. I’m not going to be prolific in heaping on the praise for the first one, I agree with the bulk of the folken that have already commented on your first book favorably. However, I do want to say how refreshing it is to read a first effort that was actually checked for spelling and grammar. Can’t wait to read Solatium.


    • Thank you, Charlie! I really appreciate your dropping by to let me know you enjoyed the book … and I’m glad the mechanics passed muster! Solatium should be ready darned soon. I sure hope so, anyway. A revised draft is with readers now.

  37. Absolute best book I’ve read in awhile! I read it in one day, I was very deep in it and sad when it ended! I can’t wait to see what happens next. I will tell all the readers i know to read Nolander as well!

  38. I just finished nolander and I have to say it was one of the best books I’ve read in awhile. I was hooked from the beginning. The story grabs you and holds you till the end. I can’t wait to read the second installment.

  39. I loved Nolander, the characters were so enjoyable to follow. I can’t wait to read the next one and I am hoping to learn more about Williams, and even Graham. I was completely unable to put this book down and kept imagining it as a movie, the detail made it so easy to picture everything. Thanks for the great and different story!

    • Thanks so much, Janet! What wonderful compliments! I’m just working on editing the follow-up (Solatium) this morning. Getting a message like yours is extremely motivating. :)

    • Just finished your book and I absolutely loved it! I’ve already passed on the good word to a few people and they’re all loving it too. Very excited to see here that book too has been sent over to ebook formatting, I’ll pass that good news along :-)

      PS I very much hope that we get an update on Beth’s mouse.

      • Thank you, JRose! Hearing that a reader has liked and recommended one’s book is wonderful. :) Yes, Book 2 should be out in the coming days. Don’t worry … we haven’t heard the last of that mouse. :)

  40. I just finished Nolander, and it was amazing! I could not put my phone down until I finished it ( which only took me one day.) I was so impressed with it and how detailed it was, and like Janet said I could see this as a movie.

    I truly can not wait for the next book to come out!

  41. Hi Becca,

    I’ve just finished reading Nolanders and I couldn’t put it down, best book I’ve read in ages!

    I’ve checked for your next one but can’t find it? Is it coming out in the UK? I really hope so.


    Kinds regards

    • Thanks so much, Rebekah! I’m so glad you enjoyed the book … manna to a writer’s ears. :) The next book is titled Solatium, and it’s almost ready. I’ll probably be sending it to my ebook formatter today, in fact!

      • Woohoo! I’ve been waiting for the second book with more anticipation than I ever have for any of George R.R. Martin’s newest works.

        I shall be rereading Nolander in the next week to bring me back up to speed with everything for Solatium’s release.

        Thanks for not giving up on the book, hun. I know it came out later than you first expected, but that’s kind of the way with these things.

        • Wow, Wyn … that’s incredible. Thank you so much! What a compliment, and thank you for being so cool about the wait. My readers are such awesome folks. :)

  42. Hi becca. Loved the book. Just the style I really enjoy. Well done. I can see your struggling to get the next book out. Not easy writing with little ones. You wouldnt believe how many unfinished projects I have from the last 15 years! I have four kids now. I go through so many books a week I rarely remember any but the best, and very few of those are downloads, im delighted to say this will be one of those few. Cannot wait for the next one. But please do tell me… did they ever return the older neighbours car after the mall incident? ;) x

    • LOL, isobel … you are an attentive reader! No, Mrs. Gunderson’s car sat there for three days. Then mall security called it in as abandoned. By the time the police got it back to Mrs. Gunderson, she couldn’t remember whom she’d loaned it to. The Nolanders were lucky to get away with some sloppy work, there.

      Okay, can you tell I just made all that up?? You found a continuity error. I hadn’t thought of poor Mrs. Gunderson’s car. ;)

      At any rate, I’m so glad you enjoyed the book! Thank you for dropping by to tell me. Yeah, writing with kids is challenging. I’m hoping I can get the third book out more quickly by being more organized. Fingers crossed on that. Toes, too.

      • Thats pretty much how I imagined it going down ;) dont worry the book was amazing. And im certain your following two will be also. Have you a date ready for the next one? X

        • Thanks, isobel. :) I actually put the second book up on Amazon last night. But you might want to hold off — once I get it up on all the retailers, I’ll discount it (from $3.99 to $.99) for a few days!

          • Wonderful becca. It would be amazing to see these in paperback one day also. Im certain they will be snapped up by a publisher :) x

            • Thank you, isobel! In truth, though, a publisher would probably have to pry them out of my cold, dead fingers. I love doing it myself. :) Nolander is out in paperback, though it’s pricey. I’ll probably get Solatium out over the Christmas holidays.

  43. I bought an anthology as a way to diversify my exposure to new authors. I must say that Nolander was quite a refreshing departure from the usual fare. This was an original world that called out to be explored. So many rapid twists and turns in the plot to keep one off-balance. I was quite riveted and as another reviewer pointed out, surprised when I came to the ending. Aside from a few grammatical/spelling errors, it was outstanding. I look forward to reading future installments as soon as they are released.

    • Thank you, CR! I’m so glad you enjoyed Nolander. Hey, if you marked those errors and have a few spare minutes, I’d love to get an email pointing them out. I’m reediting Nolander right now (I need to republish it to include a chapter or two from Book 2 at the end), and I’ve already found a couple typos. :-/

  44. Hi Becca, just finished reading Nolander and thought it was awesome. Hopefully your next book will be available very soon as I now want to know what happens next. Absolutely brilliant book. Thank you so very much. Best regards, Mary

    • Thank you, Mary! I really appreciate your dropping by to tell me you enjoyed Nolander. Comments like yours are like concentrated writer’s fuel — they keep us going. :) The next book, Solatium, is actually going to be available very soon — probably tomorrow on Amazon, and spread over the course of the coming week at the other retailers. But hang tight: I’m going to put it on sale (from $3.99 to $.99) for a few days, once it’s up everywhere.

  45. You are a master story weaver and teller of fables. If you continue with this series and I apologise if I offend you with my comparison, but I would then rate this series on par with Steven King’s Dark Tower series!
    The best new view and story teller I have read to date.

  46. Hi Becca, it takes a lot of me to sit still long enough to read a book, but I’ve read all of yours! Loved it keep up the great work and look forward to reading the next one :)

  47. Hi Becca – I emailed you well over a year ago when I first read Nolander (and was thrilled to get a response, about which you are so conscientious). I just finished Solatium and I do hope that the muse hits you hard and Isolate (or whatever it ends up being) can make it out in 2015!!! Your books are of the quality that would get them on top bestseller lists if you had the marketing of a publishing company. I really want to read the next 12 books ;) This is a new world with unlimited potential. Like Piers Anthony’s Xanth it could keep going and going and never feel done or contrived. I am kind of depressed I have to wait so long for the next installment – you sure you want to keep teaching full time and not become a full-time writer and PART Time professor????? Anyway, thank you for one of the highest quality self-published series I have come across in the Kindle Market.

    • Wow, Steph, thank you SO MUCH! I’m sitting here blushing. :) Trust me, I would *love* to become a FT writer with a PT professoring gig. The more I write, the more I want to write. Maybe I’ll get there. Fingers crossed!

  48. I’ve enjoyed reading your books can’t wait till the next book I’ll have to re-read them till the new book comes out

  49. Becca, I have been a voracious reader my entire life, and it’s not very often that an offering comes along that not only grabs me by the scruff of the neck and refuses to let go but completely immerses me, leaving me awestruck and highly annoyed that I’m finished the book!! I’m deeply impressed and utterly enraptured by your work on Nolander and Solatium. Next one, please?? Quickly now … pretty please?

    • LOL … thank you, Patrick! What a lovely message. It’s every writer’s dream to be a scruff-grabber. :) Admittedly, I’m not the speediest writer, but messages like this one are highly motivating, that’s for sure.

  50. I enjoyed reading Nolander and finished the book today. I think I had a few download issues when I downloaded this book using an E-books application on my phone, as a few earlier chapters were missing some pages. This was disappointing but unrelated to your book. I am very pleased to find that there is a 2nd book in the series that I can start reading. Thank you and keep up the great work!

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed Nolander, Barret, but I’m disturbed to hear about the downloading problems. Did you get it from Google Play? I heard from another reader who had pages missing from the second book in the series, and that’s where she’d downloaded it. One download problem could be a random blip, but two would be a pattern!

      • Yes, I did use Google Play. I am halfway through the second book and without any missing content thus far. Please keep up the great work, and feel free to have this made into a film anytime!

        • LOL, Barret … it’d be such fun to see it become a movie! :) Thanks for the info about Google. Hopefully a professionally formatted edition will solve that problem for others. Thanks again for letting me know about it!

  51. Becca just read the first 3 books and so pleasedid I found Beth’S story. What a wonderful job you have done in walking me through her life and those around her. The world’s were beautiful and frightening, I lovedon’t them all. Can’t wait to read Isolate. Thanks for the amazing journey.

  52. Hi Becca got back into reading when I retired 5 years ago at the young age of 58 always enjoyed science fiction and super natural ect but Nolaner was a captivating read,Im just about to download Solatium for another riveting read keep up the good work, look forward to many more enjoyable books many from you thanks and God bless.

  53. i have read Nolander & Solatium which are awesome. Can’t wait for next instalment to see what happens in thee series.

  54. Hooked!💞💖💓💜. And it is only Feb 2015😢. Will have to reread all the end of the year to get back into the feelings of the books. Best series I have read in a long time. Sure hope you can get a few more books into the series. Lots of directions you can go. Awesome author.👍

  55. I am so in love with the Emanation series.. after the first book I was hooked.. I even tell my friends about the books and they aren’t even bookies.. Very creative.. keep them coming! :)

  56. I just finished Solatium. It was excellent.. I can’t wait for the next one in the series. 2016 will be a long wait! Starting Theriac now. 😃

  57. After so many comments praising the series, I’ll add another thumbs-up. The depth of your characters and blend of geological time and evolution theory creates a fantastically believable extension of ute universe. I am 84, and hope I live long enough to read at least the third book of the series. If a chapter by chapter release as the story develops becomes available, I would dearly love to be able to obtain the drafts…..

    • Tom, this is so deeply flattering … thank you! I’d be happy to have you read chapters as I draft them, especially if you were willing to tell me whether or not you like what you’re reading! Please feel free to drop me a line at if you’re up for it. :)

  58. I can’t find Nolander on Amazon. The link is returning “Page Not Found”. I only found a Print Edition on Amazon which cots $15 ! But I find Nolander on other stores like B&N.

    Have you removed your book from Amazon? Sorry but I only download or buy books from Amazon. Please consider your decision again.

    • Hi, Kelvin. Yeah, someone apparently sent Amazon (and Smashwords also) a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) notice. That means they think the book infringes on a copyright. But I am the copyright-holder for the book, so I assume this is some kind of mix-up. The book will be unavailable until Amazon figures out what’s going on. Very annoying!

      You can email me at, and I’ll send you a PDF. Kindles can display those.

  59. Hi Becca, I am really sorry to that and I also apologize if I sounded harsh in my comment. For a moment, I thought you have joined the ranks of ideological Amazon haters, whom I really find annoying. I am going to send you an important email from my main email address regarding your problem. Please read that one.

  60. Hi, I am trying to email you at but Gmail is showing “delivery failed”. Can you give me a different email address? (Or you send a test email to the email address of this comment, and I will send the email as a reply).


  61. My husband and I are big fans of fantasy, savoring such great reads as Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. But, Tolkien’s LOTR is obviously a completed series and George Martin has been teasing us forever with the promise of his next book.

    So, how wonderful it was to stumble upon Nolander. I told my husband, OMG, you gotta read this! His ivy league roots make him painfully particular, but he, too, loved it. Now, we have both finished Solatium! He said your work was a great read and totally original! And, boy, does your books make for incredible discussions and theorizing over dinner. What is up with the mouse? What’s the deal with Graham? What is Williams – a Second, something more? For crying out loud . . . WHAT IS BETH???? We haven’t had such wonderful debates over what something meant or where a storyline might go since Martin’s last GOT book.

    One of your replies above mentioned a short that was at the end of Solatium. I don’t think we got that. I purchased it through Amazon for our kindles. Is there some way to get it? I did just download your Emanation short story book and will start on that tonight.

    Also, can you recommend some other fantasy writers that you enjoy? Maybe reading their books will help bridge the time until your next Emanation book. You are truly a gifted fantasy writer and I join many others in saying, “I’d love to see a film of this incredible ghost world!” Wonder if Peter Jackson has read your books?

    Keep up the good work!

    • What a lovely message, Mary — thank you! The thought of stimulating debate and discussion over the dinner table is wonderful. Very, very flattering. Hearing that is sort of a dream come true. :)

      Other stuff to read. Well, I tend more toward urban/contemporary fantasy. Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files is a fave. It gets better as they go along. Ilona Andrews’s Kate Daniels series; anything by Elizabeth Bear or Sarah Monette; Rob Thurman’s Cal Leandro series; Patricia Briggs’s Mercy Thomson series; C. Gockel’s I Bring the Fire series; Jasper Fforde’s Thursday Next books; Jonathan Stroud’s Bartimaeus trilogy; Kevin Hearne’s Iron Druid Chronicles; Seanan McGuire’s October Daye series; Harry Connolly’s Twenty Palaces series; Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn books; Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy; stuff by Terry Pratchett, who’s been incredibly prolific; Haruki Murakami’s Wind-Up Bird Chronicle … there’s really a lot! It’s such a fun genre, and quite varied. Anything by Neil Gaiman, including the 1990s Sandman comics series, which is very worth picking up in graphic novel form. I’m sure it’s still in print. For traditional fantasy, have you read Ursula Le Guin’s original Wizard of Earthsea trilogy? I think it’s wonderful. Just the first three books.

      The short you’re wondering about is “Theriac.” It’s a quiet little Christmas story from the POV of Callie McCallister. It’s free on Amazon here:

      And … er … if you ever run into Peter (Jackson, that is), please put a bug in his ear! Tee hee.

      • Hi Becca,

        My husband and I were absolutely certain you would be a Dresden Files fan . . . so are we! Waiting for the next book on that one, too. Arghhh! Wouldn’t it be great if Harry met Beth. Age is about right. Both awkwardly cute. Both in constant trouble. Maybe a collaboration between you and Butcher. : ) This is what happens when my imagine is peaked by great books.

        Thank you for providing other urban fantasy authors. We will certainly check out those we haven’t already read.

        Also, knowing Becca Mills is probably your alias, I just wanted you to know Mills was my maiden name, so I’m particularly happy about a Becca Mills series becoming a sensational best selling hit!

        Stay the course and keep writing excellent books! Your fans are supporting you 100%.

        Mary “Mills” Safko

        • Thank you, Mary … so kind. :)

          Beth and Harry … that’s quite a thought! Beth would really get a kick out of Mouse, that’s for sure. ;)

          Yeah, “Becca Mills” is a pen name. But hey, we might be distantly related: I chose “Mills” because it was my great-great-great grandmother’s maiden name.

  62. I’ve just finished your book Solatium. I am an avid reader but have very rarely come across an author with your gift for storytelling. Your writing is on par with J. R. R. Tolkien and I hope you understand that for the heartfelt compliment it’s meant to be. I sincerely hope that this series goes on for at least 20 or 30 more books. I will purchase every single one. Please tell me that book number three is coming soon or at least another short story!

    • Wow, Stacy … thank you so much! Tolkien .. that is high, high praise. Like, Everest high. I’m blushing, here. :)

      Book 3 is scheduled for early 2016, but I’ll get it out earlier if I can! In the meantime, a free short story, “Theriac,” is available on all platforms, if you’re interested in that.

      Thanks again for dropping by. It’s just lovely. :)

  63. Hey,

    Just wanted to let you know that why that whole DMCA thing must have sucked, it is also what got me to discover your books! I love them by the way, just devoured your two novels in less than 48 hours. Which considering I both work and go to grad school full time…. that was a lot of hours I should’ve spend doing something else. But I just couldn’t put them down! You have created such a diverse and interesting world, filled with amazingly layered characters!

    Anyways, just wanted to drop a line, and let you know how much I enjoyed the books, and can’t wait for the third. (Any chance of that coming out any sooner?)

    • Thank you, Donna! Having done the grad school thing myself, I know spending a couple days reading novels is a substantial hit. I’m very flattered! :) I wish I could get Isolate out sooner. Nothing would make me happier! But … day job. :-/

  64. Hi Becca,
    Just wanted to drop a quick note. (Please take few distractions and write “Isolate” with all of your heart and soul!) I have been in love with fantasy/sci-fi/paranormal books from an early age. Of all the stories and books I have enjoyed, your work has instantly become my very favorite. I can only hope that you become a very prolific writer because your creations fulfill my imagination and engross me deep into the characters. Will Leontis have his own story to share? Does anyone in your worlds get a happily ever after future? Most importantly thank you for holding on to seeing the good through Beth’s eyes – I am tired of seeing all my favorite characters twisted and manipulated into something that doesn’t even resemble the character I first loved.
    Thank you for sharing this gift with the world.

  65. I just finished Nolander. It was absolutely amazing! Thank you for such a brilliant mind and talented writing. I adore you!

  66. Just devoured Nolander and Solatium. Wow. Thoroughly enjoyed both and looking forward to more of Beth’s story.

  67. I just finished reading Nolander and Solatium in the last two days. I forgot to sleep last night. Your world building is incredible! You are a great talent. I will anxiously await Isolate. Thank you so much!

  68. I have just read Nolander, Solatium and Theriac whilst recovering after an operation and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I am looking forward to the next instalment of this series! Keep up the good work 😊

  69. I read Nolander from a collection of books by different authors. Some of the books in these collections are interesting and I occasionally purchase the next book or so in their series. After reading Nolander I couldn’t purchase Solatium fast enough! I have thoroughly enjoyed both books and am anxiously awaiting the next installment. You are an extremely talented author and I hope you continue blessing the literary world with your gift.

  70. Just finished reading Nolander, Solatium and Theriac. A series you can’t put down. Anxiously awaiting the next book.
    You made me feel like I was in the book and knew the characters. Great storytelling. Keep up the good work.

  71. I just finished reading all 3 of your books. I was so engrossed in them I have read them all in a week. Can’t wait for the next to come.

  72. I have just finished both books and I am impressed. Your books are well written and colorful. Looking forward to the third book and will be sure to pass these two books along to others.

    • Thank you, Jon Jon! I’m so glad you’re liking the series. That’s lovely to hear. And word of mouth from one reader to another is the best thing ever. :)

  73. I devoured both books on the weekend and can’t wait for Isolate … even though I know I have to. Love the world building and and that I want to know more about even the unlikeable characters

  74. Waiting patiently for the Next book to this series. I read about a book a day, and these are amazing! Hoping soon so I can know more of the story. (I Really thought Williams was Cordus in disguise, in book two.) But didn’t end up being so. Very excited!!

  75. I loved all three books. I couldn’t put them down and can’t wait for the next one. Your writing is engaging and brilliantly done. I will recommend these books to all my friends. Different from all the rest of the books I have read, keep them coming. 👍

  76. I have devoured your first book in record time and am trying to go a bit slower with the second because if I read to fast I will have to wait for the third – these books seriously are amazing – i will make sure that all my friends here in Australia get on to them! Thank you so much for offering such an incredible series!

    • Thank you so much, Kelley! Boy, it’d be fun to set Book 4 in Australia (’cause I’d have to come down to do some research, of course!). :D

  77. Just finished Solatium.Wow, your books would make awesome movies. I am so sad that I have to wait until 2016. What an imagination you have!

  78. I love your Emanations Series. Your character development skills are amazing. I was hooked from the first chapter. I kept noticing Michigan referrals and colloquialisms throughout both of your books. I especially loved the one about the Dragon being able to stretch around Michigan Stadium twice. My daughter went to U of M and her husband went to MSU. I grew up in Allen Park and graduated from Lawrence Tech many moons ago. I hope you have a 3rd book coming soon. I can’t wait to find out what happens to Beth and her friends. Take care 😎

    • Thanks so much, Bob! :) Yes, as a native Wisconsinite, Beth would have a reasonably good handle on all things Michiginian, I think. Though perhaps with an edge of rivalry?? ;) Third book should be out early next year. Thanks for dropping by! :)

  79. I have recently finished all of the available books in your ‘Emanations’ series. I was hooked from the first page of ‘Nolander’. I am anxiously waiting to find out more about Beth’s story, progress and fate. I haven’t been this wrapped up in a series since I was a teenager. Keep them coming. I could read your work forever. You’re amazing!

  80. The books were amazing. You are extremely talented. I have read all 3 and I can’t wait for the next book. I just wanted you to know i love your work.

  81. I absolutely love this unique plot and heroine.
    I agree with others who believe this would make a remarkable movie or mini-Series. The various creative characters and worlds would surely entice the potential movie fan base just as much as they have grasped your current readers. I can’t wait to see Bob on screen !
    I’ve read all three of the Nolander books to date and, must admit, I’m very anxious for ISOLATE. When is it due out ?
    And, do you by any chance need a proof reader ? (I’m well trained and once upon a time worked as such for Dept of Defense.)

    • Thank you, Judith! I’m so pleased you liked the books! Isolate should be out early next year. And yes, I’m always looking for good proofreaders! :) Boy, it would be fun to see the story up on the big screen … maybe one day, eh? :)

  82. Is there going to be a book 3? I found this series on Amazon through my kindle and fell IN LOVE. Could.Not.Put.It.Down.
    So many details. What a truly creative mind the author has.
    Seriously hoping she doesn’t leave me hanging like that.

    • Thank you so much, Jessica! When readers stop by to tell me they “could not put down” … well, it’s the highest compliment. It really keeps me going. Thank you! :)

      • Hi Becca,

        Hadn’t seen a post recently. Can you forecast a release date for book 3? I know you had projected early 2016.

  83. Wow….AMAZING books! Just finished reading your Emanation series and can’t wait for the third book. Was so into Beth’s out of this world journey that I completely forgot I was in chemotherapy!!! Now I have “infected” my other 7 therapy buddies with your book that we actually looked forward to meet up during those awful chemo session and “lose” ourselves in Beth’s story. So much better to discuss about your books instead of just over cancer. Thank you so much. We are definitely looking forward to ISOLATE.

  84. Just finished your books. I’m a big paranormal fan, but yours are fascinatingly different. Please, please tell me when Book 3 is coming out. Thanks.

  85. I’m so glad I didn’t find Nolander until this year….because I would’ve been so impatient waiting for book 2. As it is, I can’t believe it’s going to be a whole year before I can find out more! Tell me, at least, will.Ghosteater tell Beth’s niece’s that she is alive and ok? If Beth is away for the whole time that is hinted…that’s a whole lifetime for a child. Trying to not give too many spoilers for anyone who hasn’t read Solatium….. write faster, write faster! :)

  86. Very interesting story line. I read each book back to back to back. I really enjoyed them. I real love your unique way of writing. I am happily waiting for the next book to come out. Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

  87. These books are truly wonderful!!! They’ve caught my attention far more than the rest of the books I’ve been reading for quite some time now. Thank you!!

  88. Becca, Nolander, Solarium, Therium, and Beth have kept me captivated for two days now. Love your world’s, theories, characters, and how you immersed me there and without physical pain for two days … a great gift, thank you! I cannot wait to read more! Thank for for an amazing world and great imagination! Warm Regards, Kimberly Scherer.

  89. Talent and imagination galore… hence the series can become addictive for some ;-)

    Also, plenty of attention to detail shows careful development, sometimes arguably too much (a few parts could be tightened, some verbosity pruned, perhaps).

    Personally I’d appreciate more closure, with chapters and books arching into (partial) completions (those minor milestones we need in life’s projects?) to provide more clues and meaning –even if local in scope, limited– in stead of continously opening in breadth and depth across 2 books.

    But the voice is always strong and eventually the story moves forward. Compelling!

  90. Hi Becca, I’m new here and just finished book 2. I couldn’t put my iPad down, up all night reading it. I cannot wait for book 3. Do you have a release date yet? A month it will be released? I need more!

  91. I am an extremely huge fan of the emanations books. I am avidly awaiting the release to the third book to follow Beth’s journey to awakening her full potential as well as “Williams'” journey…please notify me when it is released I signed up for the email…Thank you for your gift of creativity and allowing me to transport to other stratums…lol

  92. I stumbled across Nolander and I am SO glad I did! I couldn’t read it fast enough! Then I immediately got Solatium and Theriac and couldn’t put either of them down. I even took a few extra breaks at work just to keep reading lol. Please know your writing is so appreciated! Life can be stressful and it’s amazing to discover a new reality for a while.

  93. I’ve read Nolanders & Solatium and loved them both!! I can’t wait for the third one to be published!! Please let me know when I can get it!!

  94. Becca ,
    I really enjoyed this book. . I really felt that I was in a different world.
    Looking forward to reading the next book. I want to let you created some interesting characters.

  95. just read nolander and solatium , very late nights :) eagerly anticipating isolate, you have a magnificient imagination .also great stories. thank you.

  96. I read Nolander through a free kindle download woth 12 other books- it was called the Paranormal 13, I believe. As soon as I finished it I paid to download Solatium. Then I read Theriac. I’m anxious to find out what happens next! Even though I’m 30 years old, I still love my fantasy novels and will.pass that on to my future kids, I’m sure! I’ve joined the mailing list… keep up the great work!

  97. I have just read all available books in the Nolander/Emanations universe. I really enjoyed the milieu you have created and the eminently believable characters. As others have said- I could not put the books down- and will be looking forward to the next book. I have been an avid reader of fantasy over the last 50+ years, and it is exciting to find an author that fills me with such anticipation for the next chapters of the story.

  98. I am a longtime fantasy fan. I cut my teeth on Tolkien and Robert Jordan, and Piers Anthony. Your emmanations series has caught my imagination! It truly is one of the most unique stories I’ve found in quite a while! Your characters are rich and multifaceted, I love ghost eater. There is a primal majesty to him!
    Thank you so much for your contributions to the world of Fantasy!
    I am a fan!
    Ivy Winslow

  99. I have read all the books of the Emanation series at least twice and I absolutely love them! Solatium is in my top 3 favorite books, and for a girl who reads like she breaths air that’s saying something! I know you will top it in your next book Isolate ( I cannot express how much I am dying for this book).

    I absolutely love Beth, and all the mysteries buried inside her. You give us the barest hint ( which is pure evil of you) of her inner power, and what people see when it awakens. That is one of the best things about this book! The point of view is still Beth’s, but one is able to see that she is something out of this world (which scares them to no end) with other characters reactions to her. As for Williams…I LOVE him and I hope there is a budding relationship between him and Beth. Others may not agree, but I had several “You really do care!” moments between Beth and Williams in Solatium, and yes, I devoured every single bit of them. Williams may be a brute, but I know there is a caring person inside that pays attention to the smallest of details, which for whatever reason Beth more or less acknowledges, but does not analyze. Do you realize what that does to a person such as my self who over analyses everything! It makes them die, which I did on several occasions that can’t be named without giving spoilers. Maybe its my wishful thinking, but hopefully not! Thank you so much for this amazing series that I cannot get enough of!

  100. I love this series! I look almost daily to see if Isolate has come out….you are epic! Waiting patiently ( almost ) for the next book… Will there be more of John Williams in this next book?

  101. Patience is soooo not a virtue for me. However, I read the first three books in a week around November 2015. Can. Hardly. Wait. Hoping Isolate is coming very, very soon! ;)

  102. This series has left me speechless each and every time time I read it! Between Beth and all her hidden talents and Williams in all his brooding glory I just do not know what to do with myself! I love how you give us the barest hints about Beth’s capacity through the way people react to her. One can almost see her extensive power with a mere glimpse into her eyes, yet she not know what she looks like to the outside world. Terrifying to her, but absolutely fantastic to us readers. For Williams, I love how he truly does care about Beth through his spectacular attention to the smallest details. There were several “Aww Williams, you really aren’t heartless!” moments in Solatium that made my heart melt.I know people may disagree, but I hope (beg/pray) they will be together!! Maybe its wishful thinking, but a girl can dream!

  103. Please hurry. I LOVE your books and writing style/imagination! I can’t begin to tell you how many paranormal series I’ve eaten through and yours is one of the best I’ve come about since Harry Potter. I know it’s no where near the same sort of thing, but your vocabulary and plots are amazing. Thank you! I’m so happy to have stumbled on your book!

  104. When will Isolate (or whatever you decide to name it) be available (on Google Play eBooks)? I love the world & characters you’ve created in the Emanations series. I’m hungry for more! :)

  105. Becca,

    I have read all of the emanations books that have been released to date and was just wondering when Isolate will be released! Such an amazing and refreshing series, I can’t get enough!

  106. Becca.
    I hope you realize that we your fans are expecting a lot more books from you.
    The first two are very good and an excellent read.
    Good on you.

    Cheers nick

  107. Just finished book #2 of the Emanation series, amazing read. The writing draws you in and makes you feel you are walking in Beth’s shoes. Looking forward to reading more as soon as it comes out. Thank you for such a wonderful story.

  108. I loved ‘Nolander’ and ‘Solatium’. The books have an amazing plot. There aren’t many novels out there that have this level of creative genius. I can’t wait for the next novel.

  109. I fell in love with nolander. you have no idea how rare it is for me to find a book I like. this is because I like a very narrow and specific band of fiction like the color green in the electromagnetic spectrum, vibrant but acute. anyway, nolander was exactly what I love and pulled on my heart strings, which is something the best dramas in the world can’t do jack about, especially with the little female octopus ;( anyway, I love the magic of what beth can do and the vagueness of it (personally I think about what if here ability to “tame” animals applied to all flora and fauna absolutely and she was some magic god of the firsts and seconds) and gonna start reading solatium today (did you know solatum in latin means “consolation” ?. you probably did already) anyway i love the book and can’t wait for book three because with you I know it will be awesome ^-^.

    • Just read book 2 and I love that Beth’s power emerged and also a bit confused on what it means and can do ( like can it turn matter into energy or what, because I would love if it was the former) anyway can’t wait to see how the whole thing pans out in book three and personally can’t wait to see more use of BETH’s magical powers especially the heat one and hopefully the animal taming thing. Anyway can’t wait for book 3 bye ^-^

  110. I just discovered and finished Nolander – finally a fantasy world that is truly innovative. The Prolog hooked me with the description of Ghosteater’s ‘once-paws.” I love the tree-pus’s and the golden mouse and lemur too. I hope that you go on making your worlds your own and don’t get drawn into what sometimes reads like stock fantasy (swords, cloaks, predictable evil or heroic characters …). Now to the next one and do get the third one out soon.!

  111. Hey love your books couldn’t put them down wondered if you had a date set for isolate cant wait to read it xx

  112. I really have enjoyed reading these books and can’t wait for the next one. You’ve been added to my list of top fantasy writers.

  113. 🌟 😉I patiently await your next work of art in book 4! Hope there’s a hidden budding romance but will love it none the less. Thank you for sharing your gift!

  114. Just finished Solatium and loved it. Actually I really like both books a lot. A long intelligent read which is in a world that is not of this world, and easy to understand and keep up with. I’m looking forward to Book #3. You’ve filled the past 3 days for me and I thank you.

  115. Becca,

    I am totally hooked!! I feel
    Like I am walking in pins and needles waiting for Isolate. I could not put your books down and am dying to know what happened to Beth, what Fiona happen to Tiffany now that she has outed herself to Callie. What about Williams and Ghosteater? Oh so many questions! Lol. When is book 3 due to be put out?

  116. I’ve read all three of your books offered by amazon. Couldn’t put either one down. Can’t wait for release of the next one. Thank you

  117. Emanations is an extraordinary series I am living! I can hardly wait for Isolate!! Thank you for the “breath of fresh air” in this genre!! If you would ever like another reader, I am passionate, dedicated and voracious one ready to be of service. I am a secondary science teacher and hopeful artist in Michigan and read over 100 books a year. It would be a pleasure to read more of your amazing work, especially if I can lend a hand in your getting it ready for an adoring fan base. 😊 -Michelle

  118. I read well over 100 novels yearly. Usually I am left underwhelmed.
    I happened across Nolander in a box set of novels. I read it in a few hours and then purchased Solatium. Now another couple of hours later I am anxious for your third novel!
    You have created worlds in my mind and that is fabulous! Thank you!
    Please keep writing. You have a wonderful gift.

  119. I’ve recently read nolander and thank you for it. Just one problem / question that’s bothering the blank out of me. What ever happend to Beth’s neighbors car? Beth had barrowed it for the second time that day to head to the mall and help Ben, but she was kidnapped by Williams and Kara in the parking lot, never agin to mention said neighbor or her car. I know it’s a quirky question but it bothers me not to know. You wouldn’t think that Beth’s character would a low such an oversight.

    • Hi. Can I ask a question? Did you read Nolander on its own or a story part of a collection? I’m asking because I read it as part of a 13 story compendium and I don’t know if I’ve read a snippet or the whole thing. It ended with Ghosteater forcing open a straight and Beth being cross examined by Cordus about Graham, asking her why she’s lying for him (after his escape via the carven strait) and her freaking out because she turns into a hormonal, gelatinous wreck when he gets close to her. But the very last bit was Ghosteater going into the S-Em. Do you remember, is that how the actual novel ends? Or do I need to buy it before I move onto book 2? Thanks for your time.

  120. Love your books!! I’ve read both of the emanations novels and the short story! Can’t wait to see where you take these characters. Thank you for your story writing.

  121. I have read all three books twice each! I am really looking forward to the next book. I enjoy the humour you have woven into the story and I love the uniqueness of the story you have created.

  122. Since at some point you mentioned Spring 2016 as a release date for the tentatively titled Isolate, those loyal readers of yours would like to hear about it to put our minds at ease! Even if it’s a, “Sorry, you might have to hold on for a couple more years.” I have been scanning this page and reading the blog regularly since I finished Solatium last fall hoping to see a ‘To be released’ date or month and I have to say I am dying for book three. Your writing is gold, and it has me hooked on Beth and her journey.

    • It’s just the start of spring in the southern hemisphere.
      Perhaps we can hope for the new book soon?

  123. I absolutely loved your books. So witty, heartbreaking, adventurous and enchanting. When will you come out with another one?? Waiting patiently, but looking anxiously forward.

  124. I just finished Solarium and am so glad there will be another book coming out. I am a constant reader and I have to admit that I often scan long passages with drawn out descriptions. But your writing is so unique that I found myself reading every word partly because I was drawn into the world you were describing, and partly because I didn’t want the story to end. Thank you for your wonderful work. I will forever be your faithful fan!

  125. I love your series!! I am anxiously awaiting the release of “Isolate”. I can’t wait to find out what happens to Beth and to “see” her come into her full power. Thank you for sharing your wonderful imagination!

  126. I was told that my imagination is wild and endless. Now I know that is not true. You are miles ahead. Thank you. The number of characters you have woven into your tale is formidable. It clearly shows a planed and perfectly executed exercise. Well done.
    Now, all I need is to leave long enough to see the next instalment. I know, I know, family, work, making a living and all that, but, you’ve spoiled us with your yarn thus far….I can hardly wait.

  127. I have read Nolander, Solarium and Theriac. I have to say your two books are at the too of my all time favorites which include works from JK Rowling, Garth Nix and Sherrilyn Kenyon. I am currently waiting for the third installment of your series to arrive. The way you have created Beth Ryders world is nothing short of the work of a master storyteller keep up the good work Becca,
    Your Avid Reader, David

  128. I stumbled onto your books quite by accident and was hooked right from the first page! Simply put they have been my most enjoyable read’s in the last twelve months (and I am a voracious reader – devouring books left and right).

    I also loved the fact that the editing was perfect unlike so many shabby entrants in the annals of Amazon.

    Keep up the magic! You have a real flair. I was hanging of every work and did not want it to stop. Thank you!!

  129. I originally discovered your books on a box set free from Google and instantly I was hooked like an addict. I love the world you create and Elizabeth Ryder although not your typical herein is real and powerful. I love that she stumbles and messes up but still fights. Nolander was a great beginning with the magic and whimsical feel of a new dimension while solatium was a perfect creative mold that answered any of your heart’s desires. I have also read Theriac while filling somewhat of a void does not suffice what a longing reader wants. So I am asking not as a buyer but as a true fan of your work when the next book will be available? Your website says summer of 2016 but it is past that. I know life is chaotic but please do not give up on your fans. It is impossible to fill the void of emanations with other books that do not have the imagination or heart as yours do.

  130. Thoroughly enjoyed the story, the characters were well crafted very refreshing read can’t wait to read the next one.

  131. Honestly, originally I just picked the first book “Nolander” on Amazon because it was free for the Kindle and sounded interesting. Now all I can say is it has been the luckiest find because within a week I have now read both books and the short story and am eagerly waiting for the next! I didn’t sleep this week because I could not put them down. It’s such a refreshing fantasy series; Beth is so relateable, it doesn’t seem like it’s trying to be too dark and edgy, and I love all the different places they travel through and the characters they encounter in Solatium. I’m so glad you wrote Theriac as well because I was interested in Callie’s story. I’ve already recommended this series to all my friends. I’d been floating for a few months of desperately looking for a new book to be mildly obsessed with, so THANK YOU so much, and hurry up with the next one! :)

  132. I spent my previous week immersed in Emanations and had finished the two books and the short story last night. I saw the last page comment on when the 3rd series is coming and it said 2016. I hope it’ll be published this month or next month. I’m not pressuring Ma’am Becca but I’m crazy for your creations huhu, heehee. I love it all and can’t wait and super duper excited for Isolation on your next release. More power and I’ll be crossing my fingers and mumble prayers for my sanity LOL (ToT)V Love yo!

  133. I love the book I wish that I could get the list of all your books so that I could get them all this book really caught my attention. I wish one day to be an auther just like you.

  134. Your books are absolutely amazing :) any idea when you will release the 3rd one? Itchy to find out what happens to Beth. :)

  135. I love the series I hope I can some day get them in book form. I love to read books on free Time. The book nolander I couldn’t even put down. I finished it in less than ten hours. I was that hooked.

  136. Great writing. Just finished Solatium. Looking forward to next in series. Any timeframe yet?

  137. I would luke to be notified when Isolate is published. Enjoyed every moment of reading the 3 books. Cant wait for Isolate.

  138. Solatium (Emanations #2) was a lot of fun doing it and I like how you further built on the world .
    I also liked how Mincey brought some equality and remove the divide between us and the second world

    It’s 2017 and I’m wondering when the third book will come out .
    I’d also like to know whether this is the trilogy or a series ?

  139. I was so excited to see a release date of 2016 for isolate but then was disappointed to find out it hadn’t yet been released. Any idea on how long we will have to wait?

  140. Just wanted to officially add myself to the list of people who really like your books. Can’t wait for volume 3.

  141. This is such a great series! I love Beth! She is such an amazing character. And I really enjoy this world you’ve made. I can’t wait to read the next one! I signed up to be emailed when it’s released.

  142. I just found your books two days ago. I downloaded everything I could yesterday, and have finished reading all of your stories today via no sleep. I absolutely love your books. Is there any timeline for Beth’s continuation? I’m already facing severe withdrawals.

  143. Please….is the 3rd book coming soon? I just loved the first 2 (and the short story) but i really want to know what happens next!! These are the most amazing reads!! Thank you for sharing your gift with us!

  144. Hi Becca,
    A while ago I read an excerpt that you put on your facebook page for Isolate. I am seriously a crackhead for this series so I really need to ask if you have any more excerpts? I promise I’ve been patiently waiting, I’ve taken a lot of courses that require writing multiple papers and know it’s just as tiresome for the profs…but I need a fix.

  145. Hi. I absolutely loved your books! Just finished reading Solatium and Theriac a few hours ago and cannot get the story out of my head!! I’m so excited to read the next book! Any idea when it will be published?!?!

  146. Do you have an idea as to when Isolate will be finished? I have been waiting for years for this next book and it’s been killing me, not knowing! Update please!!

  147. Hi Becca!!! I’ve been (im)patiently waiting for your next book in the Emanations series to come out! Do you have a time frame yet? Or am I missing it?

  148. i have trouble finding books that get my attenion right at the start and hold it all the way to the end only 75% of stephen kings books do it your books do it and im looking forward to more from you

  149. It’s not often that a free book pulls me in as much as yours. It’s also not often that I purchase the next book in a series from a free book. As soon as I finished Nolander I immediately got Solatium and finished it in a day. Now I’m hooked and I need my next fix! I’m also not much of a sci-fi type book fan, but again, this series just draws you in and makes a fan of you. This being said, Isolate was due to come out early 2016 and it is now mid 2017. I need my next fix woman!! I noticed you haven’t commented back on here in over a year, I hope you see this though and know you do still have fans waiting and craving that next book!

  150. Your Books are amazing, I would love to know when your next book is coming out I’m looking forward to it.
    Hopefully very very soon.

  151. Becca, please.
    I love your books. I’m so in love with the plot. Please get Isolate out asap. Or if its not done yet, just please let me know that you’re still writing it! I’m beginning to think that you have decided to cancel it, or that you’ve dropped off the face of the earth! Please, Becca, tell me something!!!!!

  152. I first read Nolander in a free paranormal box set, Gods and Mortals, I think. It was love at first read. Ice now bought and read Solarium and Theriac, and am now waiting desperately for “Isolate.” I was frantic when I read at the end of Theriac that it was supposed to come out last year. I do do hope that you finish it soon and that you don’t give up on this beloved series of literative(Literate?)genius. Your books are the nutrients to the Thirsting Ground that is my imagination. Eagerly awaiting your next book, Nikki.

  153. Unfortunately, by now, those like myself should realize couple of things.
    First, The Author has stopped answering the comments made by us, it seems, 5 years ago,
    Second, despite our ‘hunger’ for more on our part or at least ‘closure to this story, it will never happen!
    Only Ms Mills knows why.
    I have given up and moved elsewhere with my reading. Many readers have sourced these two
    books on Amazon. In case you did not know, there are hundreds of stories of this genre, as well as many, many other.
    on “ .

    Best of luck to all fellow readers and happy ‘hunting’.

    • She has absolutely been replying. And she’s finally in real editing. You try writing a book as a mother with a full time job. I’m still praying it comes out for Christmas.

      • Well Steph, I stand corrected. I spend quite some time reading the comments on this page, noticing that, at the start, there were regular, responses from the author, only to fade out latter. For my own peace of mind, I will go through them again and note , when was her last comment made, to any of our ‘endless’ requests for the book #3.
        I would like to think I am not a total ignoramus, raising kids and working is no mean feat, been there, done that. I apologise to the author if my comment was mean and out of place.
        First two books were an engrossing read, so if and when the last one comes out, it will be more then appreciated, assuming, I live that long. (no pun intended)
        Cheers to all.

      • The year 2016 keeps being mentioned for a release date, yet my calendar says 2018, and still no book. At least don’t tease us with a date if there’s no possible chance to finish within a few months of the date.

  154. OOH! WHO WANTS TO SEE THIS SERIALISED ON NETFLIX? I.e. GoT or Walking Dead? That would be AMAZING. They did it with The Handmaids Tale, I think this could work if it’s not made cheesy (so no crappy special effects or green screen!).

  155. Has Isolate been published and I’m just not seeing it? I have been all over the internet and I can not find anything on it. I NEED to read it. I feel as tho my life is very incomplete with out it. Thank you for sharing your stories with the world:

  156. Hello,
    I am a voracious reader, reading 3-4 books a week, mainly UF. I just finished reading Nolander and Solatium for the second time and I just have to say that they are two of the best, most interesting and imaginative books that I have read in a very long time. I really hope that there are more books to come in this series and that all of them will be available as audible books soon.
    My husband and I listen to a book every night…we now watch very little tv, maybe 1 Hour a week. We usually listen to books that I have previously read. I know he would absolutely love these books! So many UF books are filled will ridiculous “love” stories with no end of silly unusually beautiful heroines fantasizing about a heroic, unusually handsome and beefy man. I read them and skim past the fluff, instalive, soft(and sometimes hard core)porn, in order to follow a decent UF story…but they tend to lose my husband’s Interest if there is not enough substance.
    Your books are ALL substance! So much creativity and truly excellent writing combined with top notch editing make your books stand out as superior and quite unique in the UF genre.
    Thank you for sharing this very interesting world filled with intriguing, endearing and also flawed characters. I want very much to read more about them!

  157. Hi, Becca,

    I do so hope you’re planning on book 3, Isolate, as my curiosity is killing me. You are am amazing author.
    Thank you for sharing your vision . Please continue to.
    I am anxiously awaiting for book 3.

  158. Hi Becca!

    Great series, please tell me you’re still planning on releasing Isolate, the story cannot end there 😩😩

  159. I do feel for all of the readers who got hooked on this yarn. Personally, I have given up, a couple of years ago, on ever seeing/reading the last installment. For right or wrong reasons, the author will not face up and admit to it. We will never, sadly, read the end of the tale.

    • Barring an untimely death, or some such disaster, I’ll get it done one of these days, Bob. But I know my tardiness will sadly cost me many readers. I wouldn’t wait around for me myself, were I a reader!

      • Thank goodness you’ve finally responded. I feel I have to say I appreciate your dedication to not releasing something for the sake of appeasing your readers. Whenever you release the next installment I’m sure it’ll be even better than the last and you’ll be one of the few authors that care more about quality than quantity. Please keep writing and don’t forget that some of us are waiting and will continue to wait and reread the first two over and over until you feel you have a piece of art that meets your expectations. Your work is like nothing I’ve read before.

      • With my limited intelligence, I feel that you have, in a round-about way told me to go away. I do not want to pick a fight, it does not help it is unproductive and it is rather pointless. Nevertheless, reading periodic responses from you over the years, on this very issue, this sounds to me a standard answer. I do understand, you have life obligations like most of us and writing is a hobby/passion and does not get as much time as you would like it. There is also creative ‘juice’ that tends to dry up at times. It is also a fact that we, readers, are like little children, demanding whatever we want, whenever we want it. Part of that behavior is your responsibility, you did not have to write such an engaging yarn, did you! My personal problem is rather flaky health at my age of 69, and I may not read it before I kick the proverbial bucket. Be that as it may, I do thank you for your replay, such it is.
        Best wishes

        • Please don’t go away, Bob! Just saying that if you or any other reader *does* go away, I totally understand. I’m a reader too, so I know how bad it feels to be left hanging.

          • My ‘going away’ would mean, I’m not in this realm any longer and I will not know about it nor I would know where I’ve been. It has been quite a while since I’ve read ‘Nolander’ immediately followed by ‘Solatium” and frankly, I have forgotten most off the story by now. So, since it has been close to 4 years, I’ve decided to start over, hopping that, by the time I finish, the story is fresh in my mind and I could continue and wrap it up with Theriac, as intended.I would imagine, there a quite a few in my situation and it is up to them to choose a way. So, I would like to ‘see’ the end of it before I kick the preverbial backet. If not, it wont matter, will it?.
            Be well.

            • Since I do not see any comments for 2019, I’ll just go right ahead and kick this off with…”Any new updates on the next book?” I check this website probably 3 times a year and stalk the comments just to get an idea. Hoping to hear from you soon!

          • Hi Becca, more than happy to wait as long as it takes, Beth Ryder is one of my family now – she tells me not to give up when the going gets tough and that life is full of great adventures. I am “following” you on Amazon UK, will this mean that I get a notification when you publish or would it be better to register an interest somewhere else. I notice you are on FB, would that be better?

  160. Hello Becca,
    Just found your series and LOVE it! It is so good- one of those you can’t put down! It is also rare for me to purchase the next book in a series, but I was ready to purchase the next one without a second thought! Your writing is entertaining and intelligent (I love when I need to click on a word to find the meaning- love learning new vocabulary). I hope you are still plugging along on the next book because I just HAVE to know what happens with Beth, Williams, Graham, Cordus, the elder beast, and all the others!!!

  161. Wow. Not a note. Not a word. Becca is either a jerk or dead. What a way to treat your fans. Most would understand if something happened. If serious a friend could have left a note. Just the finger to her fans I guess. What a shame successful world builders are rare. If your there Becca finish tour commitment. Then quit if that’s what you want. If your not rip

  162. After a break of a couple of years I have just finished re-reading both Nolander and Solatium. Such good stories and so well written. I enjoyed them just as much the second time around. While I will now move onto reading Theriac (can’t believe I missed it before) I’m really hoping that 2019 might bring a nice surprise with the next book in the series.

  163. Came across Nolander by chance. Then bought Solatium. Now I feel incomplete and really want to read the third book. It would really be nice, if the author gives a rather honest and reliable date to look forward to, so that she doesn’t lose her readers and the readers have something to really wait for.

  164. I have been waiting 5 years for the next book in the series. I have been looking at this site and her Facebook page for so long with next to nothing about the continuation of the series. These books were in my top 5 of all time (and I read plenty) but now I have come to the conclusion that I won’t know how this story ends. I’m disappointed, and I think it’s fair. It would be nice if we could get some closure as to whether or not the book will be completed. I probably won’t read any future books by this author either, because why hope for the next one when it will probably never come? Bad form all around and such a waste.

  165. I hope all is well with you and your family. I truly wish you are able to complete the emanation series. I have just reread Nolander and Solatium. It’s been a thrill to immerse myself into your interesting worlds and am craving the grand finale! Do you have any further estimation as to when you’ll be releasing it?

  166. Every week I look to see if your 4th book has a release date. I’ve read Nolander,Solatium, and Theriac several times. Can’t wait for the last one. 😊

  167. I loved Nolanders and can’t wait to read the second book. Please tell me you’re continuing this series…

  168. The worlds in your books are terrifyingly beautiful, as well as your characters! True talent you’ve been gifted and I thank you for sharing. I hope you still plan on updating us on Beth & her adventures! 😁

  169. Hi Becca, I have read all 3 of your books and just love them!! When will Isolate come out? Really looking forward to it!!

  170. Hi Ms. Mills,

    I’ve had your books for a while and just reread them again this week. Its 2020 and they’re still so good! Hope you’re doing well!

  171. I am just popping in to say “Wow”. Seldom have I read books that engross me the way yours have! All I want to do is read! I am enjoying them for a second time, and I am just as engrossed as the first. I wish all the best for you, and will definitely be reading Isolate when you’re ready. I, for one, truly can’t wait!

  172. Becca are still working on getting Beth of that frozen mountain. Is it going to be 13 year before you finish, like Beth is supposed to be there for 13 years

  173. Hi.
    I loved your books, it’s very unusual story. I hope you will continue writing. I wish there was at least something more, even it’s not full book, I’d read anything.
    I know you probably hear this question a lot, but do you plan to release a new book?
    Thanks for your books.

  174. No idea if you still read this site, but I just finished Solatium last night and I enjoyed it so much! You crafted such a fresh and original feeling universe that I really enjoyed diving into with Beth. I love how sciencey you get in crafting the weavings, it gives such an interesting edge to Everything you build in this world. I hope we get to hear more from this story someday, I know I’ll be buying that book the moment I can! 💖

  175. Having just finished the 2nd book and also Theriac I’m really really hoping that Isolate is still going to happen

  176. Hi Becca! please tell me that the third book is still in the works! This cannot be the end of the story after the second book! It just can’t! Please Please Please help us poor readers out of our misery!

    Thanks for letting us know & stay healthy,

  177. I really hope you are still around and haven’t given up! There are still those of us who hope for the next book!

  178. Hi Becca. Just read Nolander and Solatium again … think this is 4th time over a few years. They are so good and I really hope you publish the third book soon. FYI, I think it’s funny and appropriate that we are waiting (great mirror to your story) but it doesn’t mean I like it😁

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